Exclusive: Two Bit Desperados / Beat Mark – Split

Two Bit Desperados / Beat Mark




You’ll like it if…

…you need a remedy against grey weather/mood

Grey sky and windy weather: today Italy is imitating England. Or at least trying to. Therefore, it’s better to enjoy some sunny and powerful music, preferably a split of two bands. I mean, two is better than one, right?

Side A is Two Bit Desperados’ “Blind”, a track that swings from blues to tropicalia, recreating the perfect soundtrack for a Grindhouse movie. The sardo-brazilian ex-duo (now quartet) starts with an infusion of strong “pulp” bass riffing, creating a solid background, the immediacy of the Wavves-esque tropical punk supported by female vocals à la las Kellies and the garage distortion of Jack White’s Dead Weather. As if this wasn’t enough already, the song is embellished with some blues echoes, becoming almost country, landing in Leonard Cohen’s dusty territories.

Weirdly enough, the second part of the split is lead by Beat Mark’s dream pop, changing the menu completely. Shoegaze and surf pop blend in with Belle and Sebastian’s twee-pop in the male-female vocal alternation, trying to deaden the soft attitude with some quite Pains of Being Pure at Heart-esque lo-fi noises. This France-based band knows how to celebrate the influences from mid-80s and mid-90s, not quite getting into the acid pop (Strange Hands), but peeping into the dreamy landscape. Both fast and fresh, these songs release a light-hearted aura that may be able to save me from my moodiness and the gloomy lands of the grey sky.


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