The French Girls – Everything, Now EP

The French Girls

Everything, Now EP



You’ll like it if…

…you are keen on glossy atmospheres

I know, right now is a period where I am mainly focusing on synth-driven pop releases. Tt may be summer, it may be the big changes happening around me. Still, I find that sunshine dreamy pop is the best way to both enjoy the sun and the beginning of a new part of my life. Anyway, in order to avoid saying too much, here we are with the sunshine pop of The French Girls.

This duo, composed of Conner Munson (guitar/lead vocals/percussion) and Connor Pollard (lead guitar/back-up vocals) is the perfect embodiment of the Californian summer cliché: glossy, embellished with catchy riffs, tinkles and syncopated drum patterns. “Everything, Now” is an EP that introduces the contemplative side of tropicalia, being almost fresh and fruity as a summer cocktail, preferably consumed in a hammock (“Alpinist”). The experimental core of Local Natives teams up with Munson’s vocals, often accompanied by echoes that emphasize the dreamy atmosphere, almost getting to the lyrical tension of their colleagues in I Used to be a Sparrow. This bedroom pop is intimate and minimal, quite Adult, Elderly and Children-esque in its catchiness (“Fragments”). The highest point of the EP is reached with the electric vibe of “Friend of Mine”, a song that would certainly find Mark Knopfler’s approval thanks to Pollard’s riffing and achieving the right equilibrium between pop and rock.

Carefree music with sunny vibrations and a contemplative aura: The French Girls are proposing once again the perfect formula to recreate that dreamy atmosphere we are all secretly looking for. Extraordinarily sweet, not really advised to diabetics.


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