TtM: Sillyboy, Adam Russel

Sillyboy – All the records

Who ever said that Greeks can do art-rock? Well guys, today I can prove you that also Athens can offer tasty rock amusement. After the release of the debut album “Played” through Just Gazing Records, the artist known as Sillyboy, a personal homage to David Bowie, will be showcasing his sophomore “Nature Of Things” next September. In the first single “All the Records”, Sillyboy blends in echoes and catchy instrumental sections with a peculiarly dark after-taste. Moreover, to introduce the single there is quite a fascinating video, a (not so much) implicit reference to the cult movie Funny Games. It is basically what would happen if Damn Vandals had a fight with Maxïmo Park, adding some of the post-punk echoes and reverbs to make everything more Editors-gloomy. And of course, everything still infused with electric vibe and falsetto bits.

Sillyboy – All the records from Stathis M. “one of the cOre” on Vimeo.

Adam Russel – Shadow Tongue

Still talking about solo projects, today I’d like to introduce Adam Russell to you,and his “heavy pop”. Do not ask me to explain what “heavy pop” is, because I am still struggling to remove the image of a glam metal band singing Spice Girls. Whatever it may be, “Shadow Tongue” can still be defined as the mix of synth, dreamy and experimental-electric improvisation. Like in a roller-coaster, the sound goes up and down, making it quite an entertaining mix of sound and silences, going basically from Snow Patrol to Battles. The frustrated music is almost clashing with the dreamy atmosphere, swinging and crashing in a genre that may be really the mysterious “heavy pop”. All in all, for a 22-year-old from Kent, England, this still seems to be a good musical business card.


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