Quadrilles – Inuit EP

Slowly coming back guys. I’m goin to write something at least once a week, but it’s not that easy with such an unreliable internet.


Inuit EP



You’ll like it if…

…if you like re-re-remixes.

Sparkling melodies and math-rock influences, fragmented and broken rhythms coupled with echoes and distortions in an unconventional union of pop and rock, with a pinch of playful attitude. Quadrilles is a London-based four-piece that mixes pop and synth-driven rock, its latest release being “Inuit EP”, following the 2010 demo EP {[(Q)]} (certainly amusing to pronounce).

“ 農曆新年 Gong Hey Fat Choi” is a dreamy and fragmented pop experiment, in with the ironic and Battles-esqueplayful side develops, also thanks to percussions and random screams, with occasional instrumental interludes (mostly drums and guitar riffing). Unfortunately, these latter segments tend to become repetitive, especially if left at the end of tracks (“Inuitses”, “A Point Is That Which Has No Part”). If the beginning of the EP started as pop-infused, and the middle section was more prog and electric-driven, the last track “Man Against Beast” gives to the almost-Mogwai-esqueguitar a post-hardcore twist with some unexpected rage-filled vocals.

But wait, it’s not over yet folks. Given that Ken Chu (guitar) has this irrepressible passion of remixing, it’s not a surprise that the other half of the EP is composed of remixes of the previous tracks by bands such as Olympians, Adults, The Elderly And Children, 2ndhand and Quadrilles themselves. The one of Olympians is a remarkable effort, that succeeds in adding even more tinking melodies and playful atmosphere to the track “農曆新年 Gong Hey Fat Choi”. Quadrilles emphasized the echoes and reverbs in the original “Inuitses”, giving it a kaleidoscopic approach, whereas the Adults, The Elderly And Children’s remix is quite surprising, surely appreciated by dubstep and drum-and-bass connoisseurs.

“Inuit EP” shows the intention of Quadrilles to experiment and enjoy making music, trying to find the inner connection between math and pop. It may still need some polishing, but it is a rather pleasant beginning.


2 thoughts on “Quadrilles – Inuit EP

  1. Have you heard of Blakfish? If not, they were a great but short-lived band, split up a few years ago, I think they’re worth checking out for personal enjoyment if you like this kinda thing. These guys actually kinda sound like a laid-back version of them. Really nice review!

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