Gig Report: The Maurivax

Here we are, back again, girl vs. technology take two. Struggling with hotspots and wifi, just wanted to reassure you all that I am alive indeed, but will not have a reliable internet connection ‘til the end of the month. So I am going to write a lot, and then upload the things whenever I find an option. Let’s start with…

…one night in London, take I.

Yay, I am back with gig reports, who’d have thought it? Here I am to tell you about my first London-adventure after such a long time, and first ever exploration of meandering through Camden Town. After a long day of shopping, it was time to get ready for the night. I was quite restrained in the shops, just one vinyl of The Doors at Pittsburgh Arena in 1970 as a small treat for having to spend a couple of days alone in the house.

My friend and I decided to go for some fish and chips, finding good booze (double gin & tonic) and an amazing meal deal at the Ice Wharf, not too far from the club venues of Camden Town. Ready to face the indie gigs (and boys), we started our wander with the Proud Camden (home to The Libertines a couple of years ago), which was a bit of a disappointing, given that it was an electro/commercial pop night. Not willing to give up, we sought out Barfly, another quite interesting gig venue (Yuck played there last November). Cheap and friendly, cheesy downstairs and indie upstairs, Barfly seemed the perfect compromise for the night. The band playing that night was The Marivaux, a Manchester-based four-piece that blended in Britpop and indie rock, winking at I am Kloot, Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys among the others. However, what I really liked about them was the lack of excessive samples and electro-beat, that seems to be the norm nowadays. Being quite Oasis-esque in a minimalist noisy rock and roll approach, that focuses on solos, riffs and clear vocals, the band still added a pinch of blues-garage to the formula with the harmonica of“Altitude”. Overall this is not going to be the experimental band of the year, but it still provided a good half an hour or so (sorry, gin & tonic did not help with time elapsing); worth checking them out.

Despite being an indie night, the DJ set afterwards kept surprising us with random punk rock and electro-vibe, in both an amusing and confusing conclusion of an exciting night out. Rockers, metalheads and indie foreigners searching for some easy fun in London, come down to Camden and open your eyes, I am pretty sure you’ll spot the right venue for you. If not, then try out the fish and chips of the Ice Wharf and have a couple of gin & tonics in my honor, then I’m pretty sure the night will find you.


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