Man the Fire: Foreign Terms

Man the Fire

Foreign Terms



You’ll like it if…

…you are a rocker that likes going heavy

Today I am getting back to my roots, and with this I mean moving on from post-rock, dream pop and folk of my current listening habits and throwing myself into something heavier. This heavy outfit is called Man the Fire, a prog-rock band from the Philadelphia area, out with their début EP, “Foreign Terms”. However, progressive turns out to be spiced up with loads of electric solos, stoner riffs and quite a lyrical approach, that sometimes reminds me of the first SOAD releasesor a less playful Viza, especially when the guitar plays flamenco riffs (“Assault Test”). Progressive may be lurking in some interludes, like in the dark Porcupine Tree-like end of “Torch”, where the more radio-friendly attitude is slowly replaced by heavy guitars and beating drums, turning into a Rage Against the Machine rip-off (“Cheetbeat”). The guitar is the absolute lead character in some of the tracks – especially in its virtuosity and solos (“The Choice”), along with clean vocals, almost declamatory in the heaviest track “Tetris”. Even if the electronic hint of “The Fate” may rise some eyebrows, it’s “No Way Out” that grabs me the least of the lot.

“Foreign Terms” is a mix of different influences that combine the heaviest side of rock with more pseudo-metal elements, finding a good compromise between melodic vocals and a heavy instrumental background, with no punches pulled. The perfect treat for all of you metalheads out there.


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