Dusted – Total Dust


Total Dust


You’ll like it if…

…you like fuzzy and dusty rock.

Remember the fuzzy lo-fi approach of those bands with big loose shirts and wild medium-length hair, jamming in a garage full of DIY-soundproof walls (egg-cartons and polystyrene)? Frustrated, angry but with moderation and vaguely dreamy, and yet disappointed by something that only music could express. Garage rock, grunge and all that lot chose lo-fi as a way of living, becoming godfathers of noise and shoegaze. As Lou Barlow, J Mascis and many others, Dusted mixed up the lo-fi approach with a nu-country vibe, all flavored with some minimal folk.

Dusted is the moniker of Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt, who teamed up with Leon Tahemy to record the album “Total Dust”. Dust seems to be the leitmotif of the tracks, that simply hop from more minimal and intimate guitar/vocal discourses (“Pale Light”, “Low Humming”), to some dark folk, dense and obscure, a bit King Dude-y (“Dusted”, “There Somehow”). Fortunately the mix of choirs and reverbs is a great compromise for both the attitudes, creating common ground that is almost a grunge rip-off, where also electronica and dreamy folk seem to find a spot (“Bruises” and “Cut them Free”). Fuzzy riffing is carrying the whispers that surround us in an almost mystical experience. It takes us to a forgotten retreat, whilst energy and electric flashes quicken the rhythm, in a joyful “pop”-vibe (“(Into the) Atmosphere” and “Property Lines”).

Fuzzy and carefree in its own special way, “Total Dust” takes the best of the 90s and blends it in with some of the more recent tendencies.


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