TtM: Rockburn, Grizzly Bear, Death Rattle

Taste The Music is the perfect way for me to mix and blend unrelated songs in the most natural way possible, trying to suggest you not just the carefree catchy singles (Rockburn, Grizzly Bear), but also the obscure off-the-wall tracks (Death Rattle).

Rockburn – Better Man

Carefree songs are good indeed for the attitude they encourage, that catchiness that can get along with every party playlist without being labeled as too cheesy or commercial. Rockburn’s “Better Man” is the perfect example: you can nod and/or dance to it in its pop and rock blend, and then surprisingly discover that this band is not a Californian act, but a Scottish band that mixes a punchy vibe, electric riffs and enthralling melodic lines.

Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

Same catchiness, different attitude is the one of Grizzly Bear, who are coming back soon with a new album “Shields” on Sept 17th/18th. The single “Yet Again” is the condensation of the modern Brit-rock (with modern I mean basically Travis, Elbow, Coldplay and all that lot). They play with reverbs and melancholy, electronic-echoes from the 80s and high lyricism, in a thick musical background that almost pictures the visual power of the grayness of English weather. Touchy and fascinating.

Death Rattle – He & I

My personal favourite of the three is the punchy single “He & I” by Death Rattle. The dark electro duo based in London is composed of Helen and Chris Hamilton. Their début EP “He & I” is due for release via Frontal Noize on October 15th 2012. The atmosphere clearly gets the industrial-mark of NIN and Depeche Mode’s darkest side, blending in with some electronic beats a là Zola Jesus, creating a thick wall of sound that creates tension within your skin. Futuristic landscapes and touches of post-hardcore for quite a thrilling journey that I am looking forward to start with the full-length.


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