TTM – Example, Cara Mitchell, Leaves in Green

I am alive I swear, just dealing with internet, job seeking and other job planning, so quite a lot to go through I recognise that. Anyway, took some time to share with you some fresh brand new music. Enjoy!

Example – Say Nothing

Let’s start with some slightly cheesy but extremely cool rave-pop, thanks to a perfect mix of electric vibe and punchy bass lines. Surprisingly enough, this rave-pop grabbed me, making me dancing around before noticing that it may be a bit too much. However, Example’s single “Say Nothing” is zippy and foot-tapping. It may be the deep Gahan-y vocals (boosted by echoes), or the contagious pop choruses and electro tunes.  “Say Nothing” will be released on the 16th September (packed with remixes by TC, Roska, Burns, Foamo and Hardwell), whereas the album “The Evolution of Man” will be released on 18th November.

Cara Mitchell – Passing Sun

From rave-pop to intimate female-folk. Cara Mitchell is one of the new protagonists of the scene, mixing the minimal and acoustic approach of Kevin Devine and the wispy vocals of Alessi’s Ark or Missincat, in a ravishing meditative attitude. This young woman follows the steps of singers like (I know that you know which name is going to follow) Laura Marling, taking us to her journey of self-discovery. “Passing Sun” is her invitation to this journey and will be part of “Have You Ever Wondered”, a four track EP out on 23rd September 2012 via AGP.

Leaves in Green – Caving In

Still soft and dreamy are the pastel tones drawn by the music of Leaves in Green, which gets the heartwarming atmospheres of Adam Frei and AmyCanBe, mixing them with Bon Iver-like guitar riffs. With “Caving In”, Leaves in Green go further, winking at Jeff Buckley (especially in the vocal lines) and its emotional wave, in a climax that almost reminds of the masterpiece “Grace” itself. “Caving In” is just the right appetizer of the first EP, due in October. Stay tuned.

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