Maria Takeuchi – Doppelgänger

Maria Takeuchi




You’ll like it if…

…Biophilia was so cool, but you’d like something darker

Synesthesia is “the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body” (Dictionary). Therefore, if you talk about synesthetic sound you think of something that goes beyond hearing, embracing other sense, for instance the sight. Maria Takeuchi’s “Doppelgänger” shows us the inner link between visual and audio, in a brief and yet absorbing six-track album.

Maria Takeuchi is a multi-instrumentalist, who played with different bands in Japan & New York. She collaborates with visual artists, such as the visual director Ai Kobayashi, in order to shape suggestive audio-visual experiences. The songs “Karma Train”, “Cobblerstone” and “Noise” were in fact realised as a collaboration with Kobayashi for the experimental film project “o”. “Karma Train” is a journey through the process of creation, in which visual imperfection clashes with beating electronic pulses and cliffhanger atmosphere, creating Björk-esque ethereal wave references. Electro basses go tribal in the post-wave “Grey Water”, in which vocals and backing echoes become part of this unconventional prayer, inspired by the exhibition “INDEPENSENSE, Fabbrica Eos” held in Milan by Giuseppe Mastromatteo. The concept of harmony vs disharmony is carried on by merging orchestral and electro-flashes (“Cobblestone”), enriched by fragile violin notes. The lack of euphony is emphasized by the noisy and robotic interferences of “Empty”, reinterpreted by 80s samples in the less grabbing “Noise”. Personal favourite is the nail-biting “Psycho”; Roll the Dice-like bass and synth interaction create  an almost sci-fi imaginary, drawn in spiritual evocations.

“Doppelgänger”  is a spellbinding clash between ancient and futuristic, electronic and classical, merging the synth-pop trend with a refined avant-guarde touch.


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