Stagnant Pools – Temporary Room

Stagnant Pools

Temporary Room



You’ll like it if…

…you are looking for a 12-track long wall of sound

Sometimes it happens; without realising, you are deceived by an album that seemed to be promising and then reveals itself to be a DIY dream gone bad. The story of “Temporary Room” is actually what can be called the DIY dream:a duo called Stagnant Pools recorded the début album in one day with a friend at a local studio and mixed it all back home in a bedroom.

“Temporary Room” is a fuzzy kind of dream though, quite gloomy and melancholic, and heavily driven by noisy interferences and samples (“Stun) that reduce the vocals to whispery Jeff Buckley-esque lyrics “”You think I’m a failure/I’m your dead sailor”. Twilight Singers meeting Sonic Youth (“Illusions”), in a hypnotic and fragmented cacophony created by Bryan Enas’ performance. The beating drums and guitar riffs are lost in reverb, echoes emphasising the “wave-y” references of the band (Ian Curtis would be quite impressed by the dark lullaby “Solitude”).

All in all, the full-length itself is not unbearable, it just lacks variety. Given that the main thread is some heavy Glasvegas-y reverb, the uniformity leads to essentially one pattern repeated twelve times. And if this can still be appreciated after the third track, by the time you reach the ninth you gradually lose the grip, as it gets either quite messy or boring. Which is a shame, given the potential behind the noisy background. Even if sticking with the same trademark is a point of strength (bands like AC/DC have proven that more than once), a bit more experimentation would not affect the result negatively.

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