TtM: Vigo Thieves, State Broadcasters

Vigo Thieves – Forever

Just like a rocket in the sky, Vigo Thieves’ “Forever” embraces the U2-esque soft-rock attitude, adding some unmissable electro-flashes. Whether you are keen on synths or not, you’ll find yourself tied up in its catchy refrains. The rock snapshots and the upbeat drums spicy up the tuneful vocals, making it a good compromise between pop and rock.  The band have released the EP “Heart and Soul (Part 1)” and is now on tour to promote the new single and video “Forever” via Hijacked Records (even if the video somehow baffled me with its gloominess).

State Broadcasters – Kittiwake

You know the gloomier side of folk, that bitter aftertaste that somehow ruins the blissful peace you reach? State Broadcasters’ “Kittywake” is the proof that the folk-medicine can have a honey aftertaste, yet not sickly. It is just a carefree track made of piano and melodic strings, with a minimal acoustic touch and a sunny vibe. Male vocals enriched by female backing vocals and choruses, these are the pop tunes people listen to during a picnic by the river – such a cliché, but I reckon it pictures it quite well. The buoyant Missincat-esque atmosphere is just an appetizer of the new release “Ghosts We Must Carry”, out for Olive Grove on 17th September 2012.  Just what you need to put a smile upon your face, especially now that autumn is approaching.


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