TtM: The Jar Family, Sebastopol

Sebastopol – Send The Boats

How would have Police sounded if they had gone through post-punk and dream pop? The answer can be found in Sebastopol’s “Send the Boats”, a catchy bass-driven track, with a pinch of pop into the bargain. A minimalist musical pattern, intriguing vocals and choruses that get easily stuck in your head, without even realising. The band just released its début album “Hello Station, this is Zero” via Warm Fuzz.

The Jar Family – Broken Minded

As some people may know already, I am deeply fond of blues. Therefore, coming across to a seven-piece folky blues was going to be a pure pleasure. The Jar Family’s “Broken Minded” is genuinely fresh and catchy, and it blends bluegrass and what the band calls “industrial folk”. If industrial folk is the mix of Dylan’s harmonica, J. Lee Hooker-like vibe and Cream-esque jamming then the Hartlepool-based collective have just named a fresh baked sub-genre.



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