In Her Eye – Anywhere out of the world

In Her Eye

Anywhere out of the world



You’ll like it if…

you love the three words noise, distortion and feedback.
In Her Eye is an Italian trio that claims to blend in two passions, one of the 80s (New Wave), and one of the 90s (Shoegaze and Indie Rock). The 12-track full length “Anywhere out of the world” exactly reiterates the influences of the band, hopping from Cure to Sonic Youth, without forgetting the Strokes-esque garage chunks.

Fuzzy distortion winks at New Order’s vamped-up gloominess (“Cause You’re Back”), and Ian Curtis-y lyrics emphasise the atmosphere (And I don’t know how and if / I will leave this unlikely place – “Anywhere Out of the World”). Sometimes the Robert Smith-halo is replaced by an angrier vibe, noisier and more experimental, withdrawing any reference and finding its own captivating voice, despite the mournful yet well-written lyrics, such as I’m hidden in there/ Useless old pile of big nagging dust /I can’t afford it anymore (“Dirty Cat”, “We’re All Alone”).  Even if the catchy guitar riffing is the dominant instrument for most of the time (“Stars In Your Hands”), the drums often kick in to create a driving pace, laying stress upon the lo-fi DIY aspect (“Innermost Lightouse”). What is really not kicking in is the hypnotic new wavish-hopelessness, that gets a bit redundant by the last track. Still room for improvement for a band that shows to have the right stock of knowledge, but still needs to refine their sound.



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