Skype Chat with…Maria Takeuchi

The thing that I love about my job is the possibility of getting to know talented people, mostly friendly and sometimes as chatty as I am (I used to think it was not possible, but I had to change my mind). Today I want to share with you a nice chat that I had with the young and talented artist and multi-instrumentalist Maria Takeuchi. After having reviewed her EP Doppelgänger  a couple of weeks ago, I decided to challenge the time zones and had a nice chat UK/NY with her.

I am impressed by your work and your way of finding a meeting point between visual art and music. How can visual art meet music? Is it an interest that you have been cultivating for a long time?

Yes. Visual art is always big part of my life. I love painting and drawing, and also visual is always together when I listen to music. When I listen to music, I imagine visual such colors and filming in my head.

Is this basically what you tried to do with Ai Kobayashi? Make them influence each other in the film project “o”?

Yes, I can say that was the trigger to start project ‘o’. We’ve been very good friends before the project started. As pursuing each dream in NYC, we always wanted to be inspired to create art.  So we came up with the idea of collaboration visual art and music.

Could you tell me something more about the choice of the name “o” for the project?

haha to be honest, we couldn’t decide the name, so we named it “o” at the beginning; but we liked it because “o” is circle, infinite. We want this project to have unlimited potential to create something new and different 🙂

I get that changes and metamorphosis is something that fascinates you. How did the exhibition “INDEPENSENSE” by Giuseppe Mastromatteo influenced you for the track Grey Waters?

I went to a gallery opening in chelsea to look for performance opportunity at the galleries since I’ve wanted to collaborate with art somehow. I met him, Giuseppe, there. He was very nice and suggested me to compose a song for his exhibition in Milan. so I composed Grey Water for his exhibition inspired by his art.

I imagine that he really liked the result!

Thank you 🙂

Karma Train from ai on Vimeo.

I mean, Doppelgänger is far more than music. You have images, colours, and religious influences as well. If you had to choose an image, which one would better represent Doppelgänger?

Thank you! I would say it’s everything. The title ‘Doppelgänger’ is my real world. Music in the album were composed by images, feeling, my own philosophy. And when I listen to them, I have colors on music. I expressed myself by Doppelganger.

Related to that, where does the artwork come from?

It was my painting and I made the artwork by myself. Totally DIY album 🙂

Which are the bands you grew up with? How much did they influence your music?

I grew up with many different bands such The Kinks, Kula Shaker, Oasis, Evanecsence, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, oldies, classic music, blues, psychedelic, electronica etc.. Growing up with different genre could have influenced variety of my music.

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with my friend artists when they reach how they want to be in their dream, and with me in my dream.

Have you already played live? Where would you like to play?

I haven’t performed with this composition music style yet. I’d like to play at Bowery presents venues in NY.

Any future plan that you’d like to share with us?

I want to organize a festival which is collaboration of any amazing art and music in my life.

I wish you all the luck with your dreams, thank you so much for you time. It’s been a pleasure.

I hope my answers have some interests for you. Thank you again for having an interest to interview me and making me excited with your reviews! Great to know you!

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