Sillyboy – Nature of Things


Nature of Things



You’ll like it if…

…Greece and avant-rock sound captivating

As I have stated before, the DIY approach is nowadays wide spread all over the world. Another example of “where’s indie Waldo?” is Greece, a country in which after the obvious myth and gods, art-rock is beginning to get a mention. However, Sillyboy’s music is far from “Greek”. After a first listen, the sophomore “Nature of Things” is a perfect blend of English classic avant-rock (Kaiser Chiefs and the Scottish mates Franz Ferdinand), with a pinch of new wave a là Nick Cave (“Supply Chain”).

Sillyboy is the moniker of an artist, whose début “Played” emerged back in 2010. “Nature of Things” gets the darkest side of pop, just that touch capable of making it rockish, but yet catchy and offbeat. Falsetto? Check (“Name your God”). Electric distortions? Check (“Got your Numbers”). New wave-y echoes and reverbs? Check (“All the Records”). And everything boosted by extra care on the instrumental side, as the Dire Straits-esque riffing proves. Catchy, but not cheesy, bass-driven in most of the tracks (“Over My Name”) and yet a bit funky and fuzzy on occasions. The lyrics themselves deserve a mention, because of the irony behind some of them (the title track is quite amazing in this respect).

“Nature of Things” is a patchwork of synth, avant-garde, Brit and pop, which can be linked to so many sources, but we’d rather not do that. Let’s leave it as it is, a jaw-dropping collage that would make you dance around the room barefoot, during a really gloomy day.

Sillyboy – All the records from Stathis M. “one of the cOre” on Vimeo.


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