Taste the Music – SOS, Nine Black Alps

Sorry for being out of the loop, but I did this massive restyling of my portfolio, and it may seem just an easy one, but believe me, it wasn’t. However, back with some music to nibble and taste, maybe to chew and spit out, but I reckon it’s worth a listen anyway.
SOS – A Challenge to the Dark 

Let’s start with the gloomiest of the lot, shall we? We already got to know SOS, and it seems that this band is really following the new-wave-esque fuzzy aura that envelops the Indie scene these day. “A Challenge to the Dark” is the second single of this Glaswegian 5-piece. A pinch of dusk, some Depeche Mode-y synth that get us back with the time machine to the glorious and glittery eighties, but saving us all the cheesiness usually involved. SOS proves to be acquainted with different genres and influences, moving from the 70s of “Carrie on Suzie” to a more dancy and punchy approach. Despite the quite irritating video (sorry guys, I do not do red filtered interferences), I suggest you to get the track, while I am going to wait for the eponymous EP.

Nine Black Alps – Living in dream

From gloomy to fuzzy punk. Nine Black Alps makes it punk, yet not punk-rock; just with a pinch of pop to makes it college-rock and laid-back (as college students are, just before essay deadlines). Nine Black Alps are to return in 2012 with their fourth studio album Sirens set for release on 8th October. “Living the Dream” is a 1:54-minute appetizer, crunchy and zippy, merrily mixing Wavves surf pop and a more classic NOFX approach, still being enough radio friendly to be embraced by the more moderate side of punk. It is catchy, too quick to make you yawn, too pounding to be forgotten. Really looking forward to listening to the full release. Stay tuned.

Nine Black Alps – Living In A Dream by I LIKE PRESS


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