Exclusive: Death Rattle – He&I EP

Death Rattle




You’ll like it if…

…you wanted to have a futuristic Kraut wavish experience.

If you’re a bookworm, you must have written down at least one by Isaac Asimov in “100 books to read before you die”. The American (Russian-origin) professor and writer is best known for his sci-fi work, which more than once have been a source of the new wave of dystopian novels/movies genre (such as the recent “Hunger Games” saga). A future with dictatorship and robots, wastelands and pain, that somehow recalls the ancient life of shamans and tribes, forced to live in a place governed by Big Brothers.
Death Rattle’s EP “He&I” is the perfect transposition of the smoggy aura of dismay into music, in a fascinating mix of tribal percussions, beating bass lines and mechanical NIN-y vibe. Helen and Chris are a mysterious duo, blending in their identities as a unique, mysterious entity (see for yourself with the video for “Ding”). The tempo is already set with an increasing electro-vibe led by Helen’s vocals and echoes, that make this post-wave even more epic and spectacular, and create a strong visual pattern. The EP proceeds, leading us to what could be an abandoned factory full of beating robotic hearts ready to fight their battle (“Fixer”, “Sorry for your Loss”). The tension is released in a silkier atmosphere, thanks both to the merging backing vocals and the synth, always led by drums, but in a Zola Jesus-like tribal reference (“Mouse Chorus”).
“He&I” EP combines the smoother Depeche Mode and the sharp bite of Lykke Li and Lust for Youth, in a grabbing mix. Let your mind detach from your body and float around forgotten wastelands made of beating mechanical hearts.


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