Urusen @ Chapel Arts Theatre (Bath)

After a couple of stormy months, I am focusing again on something that I really love doing: writing gig reports. As you may have got from my writing style, this is my subjective insight on the bands that leave me spell-bound on a night out, and whose work I think is definitely worth a listen. Unless it is about classics such as Serj Tankian (in this case I believe that you should already be aware that it is worth a listen). Last Friday I had the chance to be part of one of those intimate gigs, in which the atmosphere is so cozy and relaxed that time runs faster than it should. 

This time we should thank Urusen, a UK band that describes itself with these words: “…lots of instruments and lots of singing. British folk meets Midlake and The National for a beer in the sunshine.” And this is exactly what you should expect from them, as lots of instruments appear and disappear on stage (cello, double bass, a guitar, another guitar, drums), choruses and backing vocals create a deeper and thicker background that fixes on harmonic melodies, but with a touch of spice. Lyrics themselves are tasteful and inspiring, wandering around as vagabonds in the British wasteland, dancing in American dives and tapping their feet on the floor. Alt-folk and folkloristic roots (as I like to distinguish them) are the main ingredients, even if playful improvisation was the secret spice that made it even more enjoyable. The band introduced the album ‘This Is Where We Meet’, out last August, which I got already, as a treat for the night.

As I would like to set a weekly gig night with a friend of mine, I can proudly say that you will be delighted with some of my music discoveries on a regular basis.


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