100: Warmer Corners, The Meaning of Life, Tequila Funk Experience

How challenging can be for such a wordy person like me, the idea of persuading you to listen to a release in 100 words or less? Let’s cut the chatter now, getting some business.

Warmer Corners – February Fill Dyke

This New Forest/Bournemouth pop funk 5-piece embodies the DIY philosophy; “FebruaryFill Dyke” EP was recorded on a four-track in their bedrooms, and released on their own label ‘Space Ace’. However the quality is neat, the tracks catchy and soaked in some of the cheekiest Britpop (the marvelous Bear Grylls). The spectrum goes fromupbeat and sweet-sour Boy&Bear-esque alt-country (Grizzly Picnic), to muddier landscapes and jazz-like bass with the electric distortions of Undercover boss, butlose their grip with the melancholic Girls get Well, overwhelmed by fuzz. Entertaining funky power pop.

The Meaning of Life – Play Fuego

Another 100% unsigned band. The Meaning of Life is a Brooklyn trio, whose influences go from Blondie to The Jesus and Mary Chain. “Play fuego” is an EP made of echoes and fuzz, in which melodic vocals alternate with noisy distortions. It mixes Twilight Singers’ gloominess, reverbs, and delays (Four legs and fangs) with upbeat pop-rock (Laura V) and noisy guitar solos which teleport us back to Warhol’s The Factory (Everything is fine). This clash of opposites creates an even more captivating shade. Even if it takes a song or two to do so, it’s still worth the wait.

Tequila Funk Experience – S/T

Tequila Funk Experience’s description starts with an anachronism: the CD cover and leaflet are completely made from recycled paper and, thanks to the presence of a QR code, open to a world without CD, increasingly anachronistic and polluting. This Italian band embodies a visionary approach to intimate and rustic landscapes. Its medium is harmonic blues (a là Led Zeppelin ballads) and some funky-sunny folk (Dazzling), where we have pure folk, smooth and some proper ballads, like the acoustic confession of Time Has Come. Once upon a time, bedroom pop was created, today let me introduce you to bedroom folk.



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