Negative Pegasus – Looming

Negative Pegasus





You’ll like it if…

…you need something to shake you from daily routine.

Psychedelic drone-garage fans out there?

Today is your lucky day, because the album I am going to introduce you today is fuzzy, woozy and doomy in its garage attitude (with a pinch of stonerish guitar riffing, just in case). Negative Pegasus is a three-piece from Brighton, out now with the debut Looming, recorded over a period of 17 hours in an empty warehouse space. Needless to say that such an eclectic setting caught my attention instantaneously. Reverbs, echoes and feedback overwhelm the vocals, making them a ghastly presence in the background, especially in the fuzziest tracks, such as A single fuck. The apocalyptic post-wave trend (White Hex, Lust for Youth, Death Rattle) is now gone lo-fi, winking more at Strokes early garage (Floating omen) or Queens of the Stone Age (The black thigh) rather than Reznor’s futuristic electro-beat. Alternating distorted interferences and electric vibe, the album leads to an obscure path made of multifarious sources. The general setting leads to a dark and gloomy psychedelic chaos (Psychic energy), in a thick and hypnotic instrumental setting. The music sounds like one of these new carefree shoe-gaze bands gone evil, and this may be the reason why Negative Pegasus are so hyped and loved.

As a visionary, hysterical and bleary journey, Looming mixes doom and noise in a disturbing, yet spellbinding sound that pushes boundaries. Sweet-sour and prickly, just as we like it.


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