TtM: Dead Skeletons, Johnny and the Giros

Dead Skeleton – Dead is God

“Orð” is Dead Skeleton’s first release since 2011’s “Dead Magick”, and all the bits of information we can retrieve about it suggest that we are facing some mystical, almost shamanistic tracks. “Orð” is an EP of 4 songs/meditations, like “Cemalym”: a dark traditional Turkish folk song (also recorded by Erkin Koray), though the lyrics have been translated to Icelandic. The most poppish song of the lot is “Dead is god”, yet also tribal and psychedelic, and boosted by the use of percussions, delay and Lust for Youth-y reverbs and echoes. The dark woozy trend, already hyped by The Brian Jonestown massacre, War and The White hex,extends also to the fuzzy growling, that almost blends in with dramatic landscapes and the instrumental spells.

Johnny and the giros – I don’t need a lover

And so we move from dark musical landscapes to indie-based dance-floors. The Scottish band Johnny & The Giros have arrived with a new single, “I Don’t Need A Lover” via Dead Hands Records. The track is dance-friendly, extremely catchy and singable, getting stuck in one’s head almost instantaneously. Bloc Party-like vocals and The Naked and Famous-y carefree and dreamy attitude, this unpretentious track straddles rock and pop quite naturally, combining the best of both worlds.


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