Strange Forces

Strange Forces

Space rock: David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust could never have imagined that such a genre would land into journalists’ radars. And still, astronomical forces and lunar atmospheres changed a lot since Pink Floyd’s snooping into the galaxy. Nowadays, thanks to the heavy use of synthesizers, new age references and reverbs, space rock and its legacy is stronger than ever.

Strange Forces wants to bring us into its psychedelic intergalactic journey, seasoned with some lo-fi reverbs and a pinch of dark gothic vibe. I’d Rather Listen to the Bloody Birds is a fascinating album, mixing some of the most common trends of the year such as Lust for Youth’s dark wave, Valerian Swings’ heavy-post rock and Julie’s Haircut shamanic synth pop, still blending it in with its original distorted, lo-fi and psychedelic touch (Temple Rider, Cosm Beater). Vocals are either really blurred, or substituted by samples and instrumental solos, ending up mixed with delayed guitar riffs and dark tunes (Daryl Somers presents Beyond the Mauve Zone). The natural jump from post-punk to 70s acid rock (Maybe we could meditate together or something) it’s what makes this album quite filling and overwhelming, unless you like this sort of things, which is exactly my case. I am thrilled by discovering and picturing different styles and twists, letting myself ride this rather kaleidoscopic roller coaster, before being thrown in the middle of the space.

If you have never been around the moon’s crust, this may be the right time to have a personal view of its dark side. And yes, I just stopped myself from writing the dark side of the moon. Oops.

Cover Album
I’d Rather Listen to the Bloody Birds
Similar Artist: Valerian Swing, Julie’s Haircut

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  • Tracklist
    01. Daryl Somers Presents Beyond the Mauve Zone
    02. Dino Brain
    03. Maybe We Could Meditate Together Or Something
    04. Cosm Beater
    05. Castle Castle
    06. This Universal Software Ocean
    07. Temple Rider

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