150words: Seaside Postcards, Petey

Hey, so I decided to try a compromise and instead of 3 in 100 words each, 2 in 150, just to make it a bit fuller – yes, I know, I am a real mess when it comes to be economical.

Seaside Postcards – Hope and Faith EP

Warning: there will be a modicum of wave punning in this post, folks.
Hope and Faith are two words quite obsolete in our society, as Seaside Postcards point out. Hope and Faith follows a concept that may be linked to Eliot’s wasteland, still winking at the post-apocalyptic music that is the main trend right now- oh, if Reznor had only known beforehand. The best sound to represent this landscape is fuzzy post-punk and dark-wave, as always enriched by reverb, feedback and heavy bass guitar lines (General). After their first eponymous EP, the band reach a fuller sound, even if some songs still sound slightly cacophonous. However, the closure of Transition (ft. Starcontrol’s Laura Casiraghi) proves us that Seaside Postcards have really matured, with an added industrial vibe. Let’s ride this dark wave, who know where it’ll lead us to.

Cover Album
Hope and Faith EP
Similar Artist: Shipping News, Lust for Youth

01. JK
02. General
03. Washing My Tears Out
04. The Mall
05. Transition

Petey – C-Side

As every reviewer does at least once in their life, I have stuck with my own labeling, which I find quite effective: “bedroom-pop” is the perfect mix of carefree sunshine-pop, surf-pop and power-pop, plus of course the DIY part. Petey is a power-pop band from North Carolina, who recorded the bedroom EP C-Side. We have the catchiness, we have the rhythm, and really down to earth lyrics. The only flaw are the vocals, which in the first part of the EP screech with the tunes. However, by the track Kids who can dance, the vocals also find their own dimension, a mix of falsetto, a bit higher than usual, but just perfect. From pop ballads (Cradles) to light-hearted songs, Petey makes us feel all a bit younger, like at that time in which tape trading was the best day to hook up with a girl or boy.

Cover Album
Similar Artist: The French Girls, Athletes in Paris, Chutes

01. I Could Sleep Anywhere
02. Our Own Names
03. Kids Who Can Dance
04. Cradles
05. Louder Hawks

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