Me and My Drummer

It seems to be a recurring trend in my “top 10 of the year”, that its higher positions are held by synth-pop artists, despite my overall skeptical approach towards the genre. In my early prediction, Me and My Drummer’s The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey is going to be in the 2012’s top, especially thanks to its electro-tribal beat, which is nowadays loved by both the mainstream and the indie-listener (think about Florence Welsh or Zola Jesus et al).

Charlotte Brandi and “her” drummer Matze Pröllochs are a well/known duo in the blogosphere, thanks to singles like the electro-alti-folk anthem You’re a Runner. This song can be described as a specimen of the Me and My Drummer formula: there are echoes, witty indie-pop that blends with samples, lyrical vocals and the dark-wave a là Depeche Mode (Heavy Weight). Elegiac atmospheres are a typical trend, and lead us to unchurched ruins and tribal tunes blend in(Rain Kids, The Wings) spicing up what would be otherwise evocative post wave tracks (Down My Couch). Songs themselves convey emotions, either with soul-piano ballads (Don’t be Hot) or exploring musical landscapes in a Björk-esque experience (Mother Shell). This is done almost leaning towards some inner magic spells: “My children will tend to ask questions / like when are we gonna die” (Mother Shell).

Always straddling between holy and profane, The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey focus on spiritual minimalism, enhancing with synth peaks, in a pure explosion of emotions. If this is not enough to represent such a controversial year as 2012, then I really don’t know what else would do so.

Cover Album
The Hawk The The Beak, The Prey
Similar Artist: Zola Jesus, Florence and the Machine

02.Rain Kids
03.You’re a Runner
04.Mother Shell
05.Don’t Be so Hot
06.The Wings
07.Down My Couch
08.Heavy Weight
09.So Foreign
10.Runner (Reprise)

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