Reserve de Marche

I’d like to start this review with a statement: I swear, I am not going to make a reference to Mogwai in this review.

And now, let’s talk about instrumental treats. Reserve de Marche is a three-piece instrumental band from Moscow, Russia. The last twenty years is a 7-track post-rock album, even if its influences vary from progressive to shoe-gaze, and atmospheric sludge. Instruments find their way into the different sections, alternating naturally between high-pace, intense solos and a more tribal pattern (the bass intro of Stephan’s Dream). Fuzzy guitars and heavy riffs make it another representative of the sub-genre heavy-post, where powerful emotions are conveyed thanks to an alternation of musical peaks and minimal ambient (Frozen Time, Forest of Maniac). God is An Astronaut-atmospheres blend in with the fuzz of band such as Shipping News, still leaning a bit towards the shoe-gaze area (Le Garage). Still reverber-y, but remarkably dreamy, is the lullaby Iron Flow; it may not be a proper lullaby, but that is how I imagine a lullaby should be. After a couple of listens, the overall experience may be summed up as solid heavy rock, but it avoids the growling vocals, which I am less keen on.

The last twenty years lets instruments talk about feelings, skillfully playing with listener’s mind and using heavier pattern to emphasize intense emotions, without the use of vocals. As we all know, vocals nowadays are so overrated.

Cover Album
Similar Artist: God is An Astronaut, Shipping News, MaybeSheWill

02.Le Garage
03.Forest Of A Maniac
04.Iron Flow
05.Song For Hedgehog
06.Stephan’s Dream
07.Frozen Time

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