Freebies: Vessels, Greater Varsa

Vessels – The Sky was Pink

With a new tour starting in a couple of weeks, Vessels is coming back, louder than ever. After the release of Helioscope via Cuckundoo Records on 2011, the Leeds-based 5-piece releases in free download a new track called The Sky was Pink:  a cover of James Holden’s remix the original track by Nathan Fake. Electro rock and some doomy post-tribal vibe, the band is back with a math-track, whilst waiting for the full length number 3.

Greater Varsa – Wilde

Recorded via Papercrane Records at Lyminge Parish Church of St Mary & St Ethelburga, Wide is part of a session played by Greater Varsa. This trio from Canterbury, composed by George Etheridge (Vocals & Guitar), Billy Cordès (Bass) and James Price-Harper (Drums), mixes lounge music, surf-reverb-guitars and jazz-y drums, in a pretty intimate experience. If this chilled tunes seem to be tasty enough for you, grab also Gentler and Mother Please, also available in free download via Soundcloud.


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