TtM: October Sky, Three Blind Wolves

October Sky – Green and beautiful

Is it just me, or there is some alt-rock nostalgia in the air? Alternative rock is such a broad idea, that has never really got a proper identification. In my own opinion, a band who do not want to go too fuzzy, dreamy or synth-y, and just stick with, urm, rock, are the ones mostly labelled as “alternative”. October Sky is a Canadian alternative rock trio, whose new album The Aphotic Seasonis out now. The single Green and Beautiful focuses on soft clean vocals, electric riffs and catchy choruses. If Incubus, Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theoryand Panic at the Disco came to your mind, you’re close. With October Sky’s straight approach, it is a nice break from the standard fuzz.

Three Blind Wolves – Parade

Personal folk-band of the month is Three Blind Wolves. This Glasgow trio mixes country, folk and Black Keys-bluesy rock with an original touch. Parade confirms my first impressions: it has got the Black Crowes-esque country punch, it stills draws from the dusty folk aura of Mumford and Sons, yet with its own twist. Creating an invisible bridge between 60s Nashville and 2010s Scotland, with a stopover in Nebraska. Now touring in the UK, I am pretty sure this band will be creating a buzz.


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