Port Erin

As some of you may know, my approach towards genres has never been the easiest; I’ve never had the chance to listen to a full-length, which could be linked to solely one genre. The music business does not work this way, so most of the time I am struggling between “similar artists”, “genres”, “sub-genres”.Port Erin decided to give me a difficult job with the sophomore Wheel Inside a Wheel. If there is one thing that I know, it’s that this album is packed with catchy, smooth and addictive tracks – and this is all I need to know.

As background information, Port Erin have been on the road in the U.K. (Glastonbury Festival 2010, 2011), also supporting Red Snapper, Kill It Kid, and The Redwalls (USA). A Wheel Inside a Wheel, recorded with Marco Migliari, is a genuine rock album, that naturally whisks together post-prog-ish atmospheres, distorted solos, dreamy strings and melodic, clear vocals squashed into 9 tracks. It’s the research of a smooth sound and its own voice, without really fitting in one proper genre which both fascinates and bugs me. One second you hear the blissful Elbow pop-rock (Hold On, Some Time Later), and the other you are overwhelmed by catchy reggae-rhythm and strings embellishments (the best of the lot, Let it Go (The Wall)). Whether you want it catchy and space-y (Smack Bang In The Middle, Sweet), Tim Buckley-esque (Taming The Thought Of The Tiger, The Big F), or with a pinch of jazz-y psychedelia – oh, a trumpet! – (Scilly Dazed On The Paradies Bus), Port Erin is your cup of tea.
Just like a breath of fresh air, Port Erin move away from the fuzz-n’-buzz trend, counting on catchy instrumental backgrounds, clear vocals and diversity. This is an example of bands not really needing to overdo things to stand out – honesty always comes first. Well done.

Cover Album
Wheel inside a Wheel
Similar Artist: Strange Forces, LunariaN

01. Smack Bang In The Middle
02.Hold On
03. Let It Go (The Walls)
04. Due Dues
05.In My Way
06. Some Time Later
07. Taming The Thought Of The Tiger
08. Scilly Dazed On The Paradies Bus
09. The Big F

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