Monday Freebies: There Will be Blood,Bear Cavalry remix

Late freebies today, just to make this cold autumn-y evening less grieving. And given that this Monday is particularly tough, I’ll treat you with one EP and one single.

There Will Be Blood – One To Nothing (Diddley EP)
Nu-blues anyone? The diddley bow is an African string instrument made popular in US, especially around the slaves. There Will Be Blood built its own instrument and played it in this four-track EP, they are giving as “name your price” via bandcamp. Garage blues and punkish distortions in a lo-fi muddy experience, just like an uncut diamond. Loving it already.

 Bear Cavalry – Aubrey Plaza (Shields Remix)

Bear Cavalry have released a free download of a storming remix of their latest track ‘Aubrey Plaza’, done by Newcastle based electro-poppers Shields. Catchy and glossy, Shields’ remix of Aubrey Plaza mixes indie pop and dancefloor-friendly vibe. Falsetto backing vocals, cheeky charming tunes à la Vampire Weekend, with a pinch of The Naked and Famous-y fuzz, just to be in tune with the current sub-trend. Just get ready  to put on your dancing shoes.


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