150words: Plusplus, Faithless Town

Plusplus – Gameover

Acoustic, folk and electronic hints. These ingredients would make a rather enjoyable release, but nothing really that stands out from the crowd, unless you take the whole experience to a next level Plusplus is the solo project of Adam Radmall: after the album “Evils” released in March 2011, here there is the sophomore Gameover, 

eight new electro-acoustic tracks with a subtle melancholic contemplation.On the whole, itis a rather pleasant experience, mostly based on instrumental tracks and folk-y arrangements.What makes these songs so intriguing is the blend of filmic samples, noises and drops, detaching sometimes from the overall dreamy atmosphere. Gameover jumps from melancholic trumpets (Kerouac) to fuzzy lounge music, ending up in an explosion of musical colors. It is an unconventional journey in the ambient genre, focusing on musical images and blurred snapshots.

Cover Album
Similar Artist: Roll the Dice, Eric Mongrain

Faithless Town – American Refugee

Talking about folk, let’s take off to the sunny America. Faithless Town masterfully blend Americana and blues, Black Crowes-y nu-country and rock and roll. Atlanta-based band shapes a rather catchy full length, ranging over the 80s sharp rock of the Boss (Rings of Saturn) and The Nationals-esque electric vibe (Stolen Car). From heart breaking ballads to tap-on-the-floor boogie, Faithless Town’s sound is timeless and stainless. Blues heritage (Key Bump) and an effective mix of powerful vocals and captivating instrumental background are the strength of an album that explores the renowned Dave Matthews Band-like funky rock, with all the fun of the Delta blues jamming (San Andreas). Entertaining, enduring, and highly addictive, American Refugee a safe walk on the memory lane along the dusty roads of the roots rock tradition.

Cover Album
American Refugee
Similar Artist: Urusen, The Black Crowes


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