Plankton Wat


I recently came across an infographic about “the best music to listen to at work”. As I apparently fit into the category of “creative cat”, ambient, baroque and jazz are the ones suggested for me, even better if through a compact hi-fi speaker system. Despite the fact that I happen to listen to some metal as well, when the task requires it, I find myself really keen on ambient when it comes to writing, as it goes with the flow of my thoughts. Therefore, if you give me a psychedelic blues-infused ambient-rock EP, you essential made my workday.

Plankton Wat is the solo musical project of Dewey Mahood, also known as the guitar player of Eternal Tapestry. Mahood plays different instruments alongside his guitar, leading us through his personal journey to the mirror lake. The 5-song mini-album Mirror Lakeintroduces the kind of folk that has its roots in Led Zeppelin-esque jamming (Pastoral Rejoice), yet with a bit of blurriness and distortions. Its spiritual and psych-baroque aura is akin to Jonathan Wilson’s guitar virtuosity, as the cosmic atmosphere leads to Long Distance Callng-like spooky ambience, inviting us to the dark side (The dark and silent hills). The psychedelic approach tends to be more pronounced in the Pink Floyd-y cosmic suite of Moonlight (yep, every time the moon is involved, it comes up), where drone and a tribal vibe a là Julie’s Haircut shift the references from the 70s to the 2010s. Despite being instrumental, different voices make the experience fuller and richer, lead by evocative and multi-faceted guitar lines, which go from dark and gloomy fields to ancient folkloristic tribes (Valley of dust and silent hills). Captivating and refreshing, this non-ambient psychedelic release is entitled into my playlist of the best music to listen to at work. And beyond.
Cover Album
Mirror Lake
Similar Artist: Expo 70, Eric Mongrain

01. Pastoral rejoice
02. Valley of dust and silent hills
03. The dark and silent hills
04. Moonlight
05. Lone pines

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