Freebies: Jacob Faurholt, Algernon Doll


After the release of Dark Hours, Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt has released  his newest release Geek Love is the Best Love via bandcamp. Out on Raw Onion Records, the EP draws from Lou Reed‘s experimental rock and early Bowie, being somehow influenced by the eclectic Berlin-scene (Geek love is the best love). The chilled atmosphere and minimal tunes winks at the US bedroom folk, still keeping its own vibe. Melancholic, bitter and slightly fuzzy, the EP is a nice free treat for a gloomy dark afternoon. 

Algernon Doll – Son of a Gun, Brother to None

Remember Twilight Singer‘s poetic, yet slightly gloomy aura? The kind of depressive tunes you throw yourself into, in a masochistic spiral of emotions. Fuzzier, harsh and reverser-y, Algernon Doll’s debut album, Camomilepromises to be our favourite companion during dark winter afternoons. As a first bite, the new single Son of A Gun, Brother To None is available to download now.  Algernon Doll promises us a journey through weariness, loss and paranoia.
It may not be the easiest one, but its preamble has already fascinated me.


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