150words: Vernon Sélavy, Girless and the Orphan

Vernon Sélavy – Distressed Blues

Fuzz and Delta blues in the same release. What can possibly go wrong? Italian nu-blues is hitting harder than ever, first with Movie Star Junkies, now with the début of Vincenzo Marando, aka Vernon Sélavy. This Turin-based artist draws from, among the others, Sam Cooke, Leonard Cohen and pancakes (quoting the artist). A spicy combination of gloomy lyrics, dusty drums and fuzzy guitars, with a pinch of Delta blues’ nostalgia (All the Sinners) and a profusion of backing vocals. Instead of enhancing the upbeat-catchy side of such a multifarious genre, Vernon Sélavy does what he knows the best, providing exquisite melancholic, distressed blues.

Cover Album
Distressed Blues
Similar Artist: Sam Cooke, Movie Star Junkies

Girless & the Orphan – Nothing To Be Worried About Except Everything But You

Fuzz-folk. Here, ladies and gentlemen, stands a new sub-genre. The hybrid of dark folk (fuzz, lo-fi) and folk-pop (cheerful and snappy), fuzz-folk is the genre you will associate to the Italian act Girless & the Orphan. Sometimes winking at the 90s R.E.M.-styledlo-fi rock (Bad Scene, Your Fault) and sometimes to some minimal bedroom folk (It’s Your Job to Keep Class-Worm Elite), with acoustic guitar and finger-picking. However, it all flows perfectly smoothly, also when anger sneaks in Cinnamon and Arrogance (just the name is beautiful, to be honest!). A pretty late autumn gem, free download below.

Cover Album
Nothing To Be Worried About Except Everything But You
Similar Artist: R.E.M., Pocket Chestnuts


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