150words: Night Sins, Control Unit

Last week, less than 150 words where dedicated to relatively pensive genres, today I wanted to experiment with something slightly more…noisy.

Night Sins – New Grave

Let’s start with the image of a cemetery. Late night, Dave Gahan hanging out with a bunch of spooky zombies, with a rather dark-wave soundtrack. This soundtrack would be provided by the Philadephia-based Night Sins. The new LP New Grave, out for the Italian AVANT! Records, sounds rather 80s. It is really common nowadays – however, what makes them different from the endless list of dark-wave infused bands, is that Night Sins does it remarkably well. A bit too gloomy, but I guess that was the purpose. From the bass lines to the reverber-y vocals, everything drizzles 80s spectral new-wave. Distorted riffs and electro-beat will lead you to a memory lane set in a foggy cemetery.

Cover Album
New Grave
Similar Artist: Joy Division, Depeche Mode

Control Unit – Top Trans

Disturbing music was made my musical knowledge a little wider, and for sure more eclectic. The cons: you cannot really listen to it if you are a bit disturbed yourself – oh wait. The pros: oh well, it is highly addictive. Control Unit is the cold wave/Industrial duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia. Like most experimental projects (from @c’s Re:Fujaco to John Cage, Brian Eno and Matthew Herbert’s trilogy) Control Unit create musical landscapes that interweave with our minds, creating vivid images of scratching doors and interferences with a brand new dimensions. Between porn groove, jungle and industrial landscapes, minimal drops and subtle fuzz, this fascinating experience will conclude with a couple of questions: what the heck has just happened? And, have I already said that disturbing people may not listen to disturbing music?

Cover Album
Top Trans
Similar Artist: Roll the Dice, @C, Lust for Youth


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