Review: Spiders

Listen to me, Blues lovers all over the world. I smell some finger-licking and white-hot blues rock from Sweden. Not only homeland of Graveyard’s gloom, but also the territory of Spiders’ piquant blues. Spiders is a Gothenburg-based band featuring Ann-Sofie Hoyles, John Hoyles, Matteo Gambacorta and Ricard Harryson.

The band embraces the 70s legacy of burning riffs, snappy vocals and a stable rhythm section, like some other hard rock bands have already done before (Nitroville, for example). The fiery passion of Sly and the Family Stone, the emotional flow of Janis Joplin and the electrifying drive, all of which now hard-rock trademarks, are the magic sparkle in the formula of Spiders’ début Flash Point. Whether you are in the mood for a bluesy pseudo-ballad (Above the Sky), or a dazzling dancefloor-number (Weekend Nights), with this album you’ll find the right track to your liking. Hoyles’ vocals go from Joan Jett’s sharp and rough to melodic interludes (Hard to Keep True), driven by blazing guitar solos and steady upbeat bass lines, rolling into the deep Thin Lizzy-like field (Rule of the Game).

The guitar blazes into its own solos, playing a leading role into the 60s re-enactment (Fraction), drawing from some Led Zeppelin-y heavy-blues (Stended, Love Me). Boogie-esque drum-beats, tambourine and maracas (Hang Man) make it really hard not to take your shoes off and dance along, in this brief yet fascinating time-warp. Like in a modern condensed Woodstock, rock and roll flashes electric lights all over the plays, in a fast-paced roller-coaster.

Despite being old-fashioned, Flash Point is still unique and offbeat, especially thanks to the passion and the love for “those days” that it transmits to its listeners. Is anybody ready to take their shoes off and kick that dance-floor with us?

Cover Album
Flash Point
Similar Artist: Nitroville, Janis Joplin, Thin Lizzy, Jefferson Airplane


01. Weekend Nights
02. Hang Man
03. Love Me
04. Loss & Trouble
05. Fraction
06. Above The Sky
07. Rules Of The Game
08. Hard To Keep True
09. Stendec


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