Interview with Spiders: 60s nostalgia and volcanic blues rock


Today we are going to have a chat with the lovely Swedish band Spiders, discovered by chance during the Graveyard gig a couple of weeks ago. Lots of influences, tumbling music and a bit of 60s nostalgia will lead you to one of the most explosive blues bands in the current underground scene.

Hi guys, thank you so much for taking some time to answer my questions. Why don’t you introduce yourself and state your onstage weapon of choice?

Spiders are John Hoyles – choice of weapon: Guitar, Ann-Sofie Hoyles on screaming Vocals and bluesy Harmonica, Matteo Gambacorta on frantic Bass and Ricard Harryson on volcanic Drums.  Spiders are from Gothenburg Sweden and have been  rocking since 2010.

You are touring at the moment: England (loved your show in Bristol), Austria, Netherlands…How is the road treating you?

Thanks, glad you liked the show. We have been over whelmed with the positive response we have got at the shows. Most people haven’t heard us before but they seem to be liking us. We are supporting Graveyard and they have been great hosts looking after us on the road. We are having a blast!

 I bet a lot of things are going on at the moment; do you have any interesting/embarrassing anecdote about a gig to share with us?

We’ve dodged all the bullets so far…

 You were born in 2010, released EPs and singles around the world, the line-up changed (the previous drummer is Axel Sjöberg from Graveyard) and you came back to the Studios to record the new album. How do you think you’ve grown as a band so far?

We have become tighter as a band playing after playing over 100 gigs and also we have found our own sound and stage presence. We have all played in other bands before, and it always takes awhile before one gets to know each other musically and we all feel that Spiders is the best band we have played in.

 Could you tell us something more about your new release, Flash Point? How has the reaction been like to the album so far?

We had loads of songs and decided to record in our home town gothenburg at Welfare studios.  We wanted our debut album to be raw and have a live feel to it, with out to many overdubs. We were looking for a kind of warm, clean and basic sound, with out sounding to retro. Letting the songs speak for themselves. We are overwhelmed and very happy that the album was so well received, both by reviewers, listeners and music lovers – the people who matters the most.

 The 70s and 60s influence is all over the full length, making it quite explosive bluesy rock. Which is the aspect you prefer about this genre? Which is the key feature that you must have, as a band?

We all listen to a lot of different music from a broad period of time – both new and old stuff, but the music that first stuck was from the 60s and 70s and has been our main influence and has just come to us naturally. One main feature as a band is powerful riffs, good vocals also a stable rhythm section.

Question for Ann-Sofie: any female vocalist that influenced you as an artist? The 60s and 70s saw a lot of strong characters rising in the music scene.

Tina Turner is my favorite female singer. She has an incredible voice and a great stage presence, she’s terrific!

The first album what made you think: “Oh yeah, that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life”?

Ricard: The Jam – In the City

Matteo: Motorpsycho – demon Box

John: Black Sabbath – S/T

Ann-Sofie: Stooges – Raw Power

Let’s dream a bit: if you could support any band in any era, who would it be?

50s: Little Richard

60s: Shocking Blue

70s: MC5

80s: Guns’n’Roses

90: Bellrays

00s: The Jim Jones Revue

Are there any appointments in your agenda for beginning of 2013?

Working on new songs for our upcoming album. Play as much as we can, hopefully some festivals. We’re touring Europe this spring, which will be a blast!


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