TtM: Heyward Howkins, Bombers

Heyward Howkins – Praline Country


“Praline Country” is Heyward Howkins’ sneak peek single from his upcoming sophomore. The song is smooth and folk-ish, playing with ethereal riffs and choruses, creating an intangible Kevine Devine-esque aura. The lyrics clash masterfully with the fragile attitude of the musical pattern, as it happens to be a murder ballad inspired by the Stagger Lee folk story. Except this time the killer is a lady. Watery atmospheres, acoustic-like finger-picking and ghostly echoes make this track a pleasant, yet gloomy song for those contemplative “movie-like” moments, spent with a mug of warm coffee on the lap, watching the (endless) rain, pouring down outside the window.

Bombers – Drawing / Buddy’s In A Cult


Schizophrenic rock, anyone? It seems that this sub-genre is more alive than ever. Bombers pledge a mix of proto- and post-punk, made of edgy bass-lines, baritone vocals and a pleasant dark-rock kick. Drawing from Editors’ deep musical background and offbeat post-wave, Bombers have built on the success of their ‘Film Fanatic’ EP and have since been highlighted by NME and The Independent as one of the great emerging Birmingham bands. Coming back with the double single Drawing / Buddy’s In A Cult (via Dead London Records) on the 28th January, the band offers a sneak peek on YouTube, as you can sample below.


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