Monday Freebies: Bellows, Cameron West, Dinosawh

Bellows – New Clothing

Delicate, almost fragile, New Clothing is a little collection of recordings made by Bellows waiting for Hurricane Sandy and Halloween in 2012, its about wanting to try on new skin for a minute, or just wanting to leave your own. Glo-fi pop, minimal in its acoustic suit with ethereal vocals, this collection is a rather fascinating surprise.

Cameron West – S

Sis the first official release by singer-songwriter Cameron West. The multi-instrumentalist Cameron West plays piano, drums, horn and guitar, accompanied by others on the cello, bass et al. This mini-album alternates minimal piano, music samples and richer tracks, such as a jazz jam (Intermission). Backing vocals, harmony and choruses, melancholy and a slight touch of gloom (Serenity) make this album a pleasant journey, with simple and direct lyrics – nothing otherworldly, but still a warm and snuggly blanket.

Dinosawh – Chaos Theory

Yes, I needed to start this 2013 with a brand new sub-genre: goof punk -am I the only one that didn’t know such a genre? It reminds me of minimal anti-folk, catchy and peculiarly dissonant. Banjo and mandolin on the hand, mirthful lyrics and a fruity range of backing vocals. Despite its punk-ish label, this EP makes instantaneously happier, becoming akin to Antsy Pants cheerfulness and naïvety. Simply adorable.




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