The Perris


Despite my studs, leather and overall rock-based way of life, I still enjoy some good electronic vibe in small doses. Given I can just about stand some of the 2010s synth-pop, I get dazzled by the most offbeat electro-vibe. The Perris is an Italian band composed of the Perri brothers, along with Simona (Borrillo) Perri, the lovely adopted drum machine called “Perrintosh” and the drummer Fabrizio Bertani (also adopted as a Perri cousin).

Universi Piccolissimi is a kaleidoscopic net of synths and video-game-like atmospheres, whose playful core is somehow distorted in a subtle aggressive touch (Seafood), given either by distorted vocals (Kubrick) or the subtle musical pattern in the background. A journey into dissonant rock and unearthly electro-landscapes, the encounter of the bass-guitar-drums formula and a jam-esque sound that ends up being disconcerting and yet fascinating (Minus the Drum). The low-key awkwardness is what makes this release so mesmerizing, playing with electronic patterns, in order to create an occasional fuzz that distorts the illusory light-hearted nature of this release (Kappa, Fighting Fingers). Moreover, the CD comes with a super-cute booklet. Yep, I know, super-cute sounds so cheesy, but I am a woman after all, and I have all the rights to use those terrible expressions.

As I said before, I really need to be persuaded to listen to an electronic album twice. So far, Universi Piccolissimi have got four plays in my iTunes. And even more to come.

Cover Album
Universi Piccolissimi
Similar Artist: Control Unit, Roll the Dice


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