(Belated) Monday Freebies: Lumen, Death of Pop, Weird.

So, here we are. I landed a brand new job (actually two, as I will handle the UK promotion for Shit Music for Shit People), with a quite hectic rota, alongside with journalism, PR and Zube Records. As social life is seriously threatened at the moment, also my writing routine will be seriously altered, hence the belated Monday post. As probably most of you, my dear readers, had a lively and exhausting Monday (revising, working, procrastinating), I am sure you’ll forgive me for this slight miscalculation.

However, as I fully recognise my guilt, today I am going to reward you for your kindness with an EP, four tracks and a full debut album. All quite reverb-y, all spiced up with some retro-dreamy tunes, but each of them in its own, special way.

deathofpopThe Death of Pop

Angus James and Oliver James are The Death of Pop, a shoegaze-y indie pop duo, soaked in 80s reverbs, Smiths-esque musical landscapes and guitar delays (Nowehere). This duo incapsulates the perfect formula of the indie-pop nostalgia: from falsetto of the fuzzy echoed Girl I Can’t Forget, to the upbeat The Drums-like Don’t Hang Around, it would be quite easy to be carried away by the rhythm.


Correnti EP is the new release of the Turin-based Lumen, an Italian band that mixes electro-vibe and a faintly melancholic indie-pop, disguised only by a substantial amount of electro-beats. Only drawback is the Italian lyrics – however, the vocals easily follow the general flow (especially in the more dancefloor-friendly Eliodora). Free download, mandatory sharing.


If you haven’t overindulged with post-punk, you may still have some room for Weird.’s debut Desert Love for Lovely Graves may be the icing on your cake. Despite not introducing anything new to the post-wave formula, the production is quite clear and the swing between shoegaze, psychedelia, dream pop and noise makes it a pleasant listen during our morning route to work.


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