Dave Baxter


Have you stocked up on all the cold weeknights essentials? I think I have, to be honest. A lot of chocolate, in various forms? Check. Blankets and uber-fluffy slippers? Check. Movies, books, iMagazines? Check. Suggestive folk tunes? Check. That’s why today I am going to be highly magnanimous and I’ll give you the best week-night music treat. It’s  evocative and it’s honeyed without being too saccharine.

Dave Baxter is the lead singer of Avalanche City. On 16th December 2012 he released his solo EP Let It Go. I know, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift (it’s a free download, everyone), but I discovered it too late, so, let’s call it a belated-Christmas treat.

From the indie folk-pop of Avalanche City, to a minimal piano/guitar release, where this New Zealander musician mixes falsetto, backing vocals and echoes to a translucent effect (the spellbinding Journey). Despite being fragile and silver-toned, the EP jumps from a child-like chiming instrumental interlude in the track with the self-explanatory title Old Memories to magnificent martial drums in the climax of Diamonds. The encounter of drums, piano and a triumphant choir of voices creates such a powerful aura, despite the minimal approach that is perceived throughout the whole release. Between Urusen’s country-vibe ( the instrumental The Way We Were) and Memory House’s bedroom-folk, Let it Go is such a small, harmless gem hidden under the sand, that you’d really miss out not grabbing it.

Cover Album
Let it Go EP
Similar Artist: Lord Huron


01. Whispers
02. The Journey
03. Old Memories
04. White Cliffs
05. The Way We Were
06. Diamonds


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