Monday Freebies: Shakey Graves, Port Orchards, The Attic Stairs

Basically, this is one of those days. A day in which you run like an headless chicken, ending up burning yourself with boiling coffee and crashing on the couch after having prepared a miserable salad. And then you treat yourself to a Chocolate Gateau. Just because being healthy all the time is so boring. Full of chocolate and good thoughts, wrapped up in my blanket, I propose you some late night-treat music. Also, you can “name your price” for all of these albums. Just to feel even less guilty if you treat yourselves. Yay for good deeds…and yay for chocolate cakes!

shakey gravyShakey Graves – Roll the Bones

The good vibe of some acoustic folk is inimitable. Firstly, it instantaneously chills you out; secondly, its minimal touch makes it the best soundtrack for a hot-chocolate-and-warm-blanket night. Shakey Graves is moniker of Austin’s Alejandro Rose-Garcia. The songs go from polyphonic country-ballads to upbeat-harmonica Americana. Engaging finger picking, banjo riffs, and some sensual bass lines make the atmosphere mellow and intimate, yet unexpectedly spicing up during the course of the album. Shakey Graves debut (dated 1987 on Bandcamp) Roll the Bones is available at “Name your Price”, which means that you can also do something good and support the artist.

attic stairs

The Attic Stairs – Live on a Rainy Day

Some cosy country folk enhanced with a flute: Baltimore-based The Attic Stairs delivers classic folk tunes with the live album on the Antreasian Gallery. “Live on a Rainy Day” incapsulates the  fascinating Dylan-esque aura (the cover of “I Shall be Released” may be a hint) , the Mumford and Sons genuine touch and the hidden fascination of folkloristic country ballads a là Nora Jones. Its minimal core makes it a pleasant acoustic treat.


Port Orchards – Luna Grande

Last but not least, my personal favourite (I know, I should not pick one, but what can I say). Port Orchards is the moniker for Peter Gill (guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica, ukulele). Released on January 14th, this is his first effort, made possible thanks to the support of Dan Wriggins and Mike Cormier. Despite showing the same general trend of the previous albums I introduced you to, Luna Grande has a cheesier romantic shade, especially in its lyrics. However, the songs themselves have a great impact in how they are perfectly crafted as small, precious micro-cosmos. Just like a secret diary put into music, Luna Grande reveals us about secret perspectives, through which we could look at our own small world.


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