Taste the Music: Oracle O., The Bonesinner, City Reign, Artifacts

Enjoying the delights of my day off, I started digging into my crammed inbox, searching for some tasty nibbles to play during the other couple of projects I am currently working as PR and general task-wizard. As they proved to be a quite motivating soundtrack for me, I figured I’d share them with you guys.


Oracle O. – Voodoo Walk

Tribal percussions, war images and fuzzy electric guitar. Oracle O. first single Voodoo Walk for the upcoming debut album Cracking The Eyes (Fuzz Club Records) is a journey through sensuality and brutality. Copenhagen-based Oracle O. perfectly mixes a Carioca background and electric explosions of Chilean guitarist Mauricio Santana. Evocative vocals of Danish/Irish lead-singer Madeleine Kate McGowan make the rest of the magic.

The Bonesinner – Without You

Dusty and crunchy, Without You is a minimal acoustic ballad by The Bonesinner. Comparing himself to artists such as Camarón de la Isla, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Robe Iniesta, The Cramps, Sinatra, Nick Drake or Scott Walker, Mario Sanchez Gomez uses the simple devices of a guitar and piano background to deliver some forthright folk. Vocals are clear, enhanced by backing vocals and a Wild West-esque aura: What really moves me to writing music is life, this fucked up, strange life. Everything is love and hate… lots of love and lots of hate.

City Reign – Making Plans

Brian Molko going indie-pop? No worries, it’s just City Reign’s new track Making Plans. Despite the slightly nasal Placebo-like vocals, the single is quite different from the gloom of Brian and co. Catchy and easy to sing-along, the song adds an unexpected electric solo in the end, distancing itself from the general indie-pop vibe which became its trademark.  The band teamed up with Mancunian producer Sam Jones (Alex Turner) to record and re-work the new album Another Step, due for release on 25th February. He took the band into Sacred Trinity Church in Salford – choosing the church for its rich natural reverb, which helped to bring depth to the band’s classic guitar sound.

Artifacts – Echoes

I talked about gloom, but I did not deliver you any reverb-y Editor-y sound so far, did I? Artifacts. are exactly what I needed. Trying to unbound from a specific genre, Artifacts. create a sound packed with delay and backing vocals, adding an electro-hint that blends perfectly with the electric guitar riff – avoiding the “electro 80s zone”. Echoes is now available as a digital download via the band’s website.

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