Just Because: Amusing Metal Covers

Sometimes it happens that you find something really, really amusing on the Net, or your friends share an amazing parody with the world during pre-drinks. And sometimes I feel that there are uncategorized gems all over the net that need to be shared with you guys. Why, what’s wrong with you? you may ask. All I can reply to that is this: just because.  What a better name for a section: Just Because. I can have some space in the blog to write something more about music business, journalism new apps and technologies, and really nice covers, parodies, re-interpretations. After all, this is my baby, and what I have done since the very first day, and what I’ll do till the Apocalypse, is sharing with you what I love the most. *takes off librarian glasses*


As you all know, I am deeply in love with Delta and Mississippi blues. Moreover, I have a metalhead partner, and I have been a shy metalhead myself in my teenagehood. Therefore, what’s better than mixing blues, jazz and metal. Here there are then a couple of songs that you’ll either love or hate. The reading of this post is highly recommended to people with high sense of humour and self-irony. Have you got any other recommendation? If so, please leave a comment below, and I’ll take notes!

Pat Boone – Enter Sandman (Jazz Version)

This song comes from Pat Boone’s record In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy. This is a 1997 album by Pat Boone in which he covers hard-rock and heavy-metal songs in a jazz/big band style.

Iron Horse – Nothing Else Matters

Never enough Metallica. Fade to Bluegrass is a bluegrass tribute to the band, and it is so much fun. The funky vibe that Iron Horse added to it is worth a listen.

Richard Cheese – Crazy Train

He is the magician of heavy, despite not all of them have been really grabbing. This one instead seems really to have the right swing vibe – aspecially the choruses and backing vocals, it is simply genius. Just imagine Ozzy in a tuxedo singing next to Sinatra. Mark Jonathan Davis, known by his stage name Richard Cheese, is an American musician and comedian.


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