Brother Nomad


Today is stream of consciousness day, also known as my day off. I am feeling extremely prolific, so I am going to make the most of it, trying to catch up with the endless queue of freshly baked music that you artists kindly deliver to my virtual door. I actually discovered Brother Nomad via Twitter, and I am more than happy to talk about their self-titled EP. Remember when I introduced you to Spiders and the Hendrix-like heavy-blues?

Today the rock-o-meter (yes, I just invented this word) is leading more towards the Americana tradition. The Black Crowes-esque Southern rock vibe distances itself from the new tradition of Mumford and Sons-y folk, instead crafting a richer sound, mixing funk, soul and banjo-lines. (When I’m Gone).

From Delta blues to Dylan-like rural landscapes, this five-piece from Asheville (NC) celebrate tradition while adding a refreshing touch. The Pitts Brothers, Bryce (Lead Vocals) and Ian (Lead Guitar), are joined by Zach Boylston (Drums), Ford Willis (Rhythm Guitar), and Ben Johnson (Bass). The flawlessly-produced music enhances pleasantly nasal vocals – warm and cozy in the atypical pattern created. In an addictive mix of overflowing soul-y bass lines and the glowing blues-y guitar riffing, Brother Nomad simply deliver music from a not-so-forgotten past, like others did before them – one name among the others, the early Black Keys *sigh*. However, original sources such as Allman Brothers Band are stronger than ever, as the terrific electric riffs of the sensual Rusted Love prove. With the closer of Radio Man, the band adds once again an heavier pattern, winking at the harder Southern Rock heritage of bearded band par excellence, ZZ Top. A compelling spicy mix, which unfortunately lasts about 15 minutes. We want more!

Cover Album
Similar Artist: The Black Crowes, Allman Brothers Band


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