Monday Freebies: Is Paris Burning, Valerinne, Access Royale

Again, free music for you all. I know, I know, it is not such a big thing anymore, Spotify and Pandora prove us that we can access tons of free music, but I still appreciate the idea of giving for free a taste of someone’s music. However, I may ask you today to do me a music unrelated favour, and give some of your pounds for charity. As I like being busy, and I love challenges, I entered the 10k Bristol Run, being sponsored by CLIC Sargent [Children with Cancer]. The goal is £125, and there is still have some time before the race, but if you want to help me (and support the charity), I’ll do my best to send you all some cupcakes (and yes, you are invited to the cupcake buffet in Bath as well!). Here you can find my running-ramble: CLICK. Now, let’s get down to business.

Is Paris Burning – Wild b/w This City

Is Paris Burning hails from the almost exact middle of the US, Kansas City, MO. Is Paris Burning is a power trio with emphasis on guitar-driven melodies and a pop undertone. As we like the DIY approach, the band reveals that “the single was recorded for basically $100 and a sandwich in the matter of an evening with the help of a fellow friend in the hardcore scene in his parents basement.” Delays and reverbs are blended in the whole formula, creating a delectable brew of pop melancholia and upbeat background a là Phoenix.

Valerinne – Kunstformen der natur

Are you a metalhead that happened to land on this blog of random miscellaneous musical rants? Well, your beloved Fab thinks of you as well, when suggesting you the fuzz heavy-post of Valerinne.  The Bucharest-based blends in visual and music, just like Nordic Giants does, with less of the floaty electro-post-rock attitude. Beating drums and bass-driven tracks, focus on the fuzziest side of doom, creating an album that may tickle your fancy, even if you are usually into lighter landscapes.

Access Royale – Truth in Numbers

Again, as we were previously talking about miscellaneous music, I’d like to introduce you to Access Royale’s pop-rock. Washington-DC-based band is now landing in the UK, for a couple of dates in Exeter (28th Feb), Hull (1st Mar) and London (2nd Mar). If the track sounds quite floaty and light-hearted, the record “City of Paradigm” is on the whole permeated by an uplifting message of self-discovery and freedom. Electric without being fuzzy, the guitar lines couple with the upbeat drums in a straight-forward power pop track. Yay!


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