Taste the Music: Red Foot, Whoa! She’s a Babe, Battle Lines

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Hello hello. A lot of you were genuinely concerned about my cold: no worries guys, I am alive and kicking. Today is the day to taste some music, mainly for two reasons: firstly, I got so many bands sharing their tunes, that I feel like I should do something about it, and secondly, I have a 10 hour shift today and it’ll start terribly soon, so I need to get a move on.

Red Foot – Make it Quick

Let’s start with some electro-chilled fuel. The NYC four-piece Red Foot delivers some inspired tunes, packed with silky reverbs and delays, and a pinch of backing vocals now and then. The LUMEN-esque melancholy and the subtle fuzz make it a Suede-y track, perfect for this winter that really doesn’t seem to want to cease. Moreover, the snowy Instagram-filtered artwork conveys even more the gloomy, yet hopeful message : “I’ll crash and burn/ But I will return” (and you can trust me, I know A LOT about Instagram filters, as do my food creations). Nice and cozy, a really delightful track to match with the hot-chocolate-snuggling-blanket combo.

Whoa! She’s a Babe – Down Below

And now let’s rock and roll a bit, shall we? Sleaze-rock infused Whoa! She’s a Babe is a four-piece that blends in Spiders’ hard-rock and Hardcore Superstar-y bombing riffs. They’re wow out with the latest single “Down Below” to celebrate their participation in a rock and roll revival happening in Vancouver, Canada. Boogie-driven drums and sharp vocals, packed with a lot of denim and leather, what else could we ask for? Indeed, the video of “Down Below” represents quite effectively the general maverick aura of the electric-beat: booze, girls, studs and partying.

Battle Lines – Huh Her

Oh, I just LOVE this song. Okay, this may not be that impartial, but still, the mix of backing vocals, punk-infused electric shocks, electronic dissonance is overly addictive. The icing on the cake are the sensual funky female vocals a là Blue Willa. HUH HER is the debut song by Leeds (via Manchester and York) quartet Battle Lines: from the doo-woop-esque introduction, followed-up by upbeat drums, to the heavier guitar section, the songs evolves in a mash-up which can only be described as simply divine. Beware, you’ll soon fall in love with it. It’s unavoidable.


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