Monday Freebies: You Don’t Have To Be Fashionable Vol​.​1

Hija, today is going to be a quick one, as I am off to work pretty soon. However, I decided to prize you with a whole compilation of 13 tracks in free download. Who is your favourite music blogger now? Fab Electra, of course *winks*.

you dont have to beYou Don’t Have To Be Fashionable Vol​.​1

With A Messy Head is the project of Pierre, a graphic designer and curious artist living in Paris (France). Pierre works with music, photography, illustration and videos, and You don’t have to be fashionable is his own manifesto, even if in a musical form: “You don’t have to be fashionable, pop music exists in different colours and shapes.” Indeed, different are the colours you’ll come across in with first compilation. We can list The Maginot Band’s indie organ pop-psychedelia, the German almost-electro pop trio La Batterie, reverber-y UK-based Deekie, the psychedelic folk-y landscapes of US Impaled Peach and Beyza Yazgan, hailing from Turkey, and sharing with us a taste of her minimal gloomy folk. Alongside these 12 artists, we can also listen to Pierre’s own musical project, Paul & Pierre,  with the surprising acid pop banjo infused track Lon Chaney (Alt.). A great opportunity for you to taste some new music, and for the bands to be listened to and loved. And so, in the end, everybody wins, right?


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