Monday Freebies: Death Rattle, Impaled Peach

impaled peach

Today I have less music, basically just because I spent more words on the once I found in my musical wanderings. Due to the amount of music I come across, I am becoming more selective (or maybe just my feel is getting more and more trained, who knows). Therefore, I am trying to deliver you amazing tunes. Whether you like it or not. Share the music, spread the love.

Death Rattle – The Blows

One of my dirty pleasures is heavy synth-influenced industrial music – basically, it’s either strongly NIN-esque, or it doesn’t really grab me. No dance-y pop or 80s electronica, I crave decadent bass-driven tunes. Thankfully, Death Rattle are back with a new EP next April. The Blows’ is the single to the London duo’s debut EP HE&I, which I talked about back in 2012 (CLICK). The aspect I love the most, and that makes this duo so appealing, is android-style harmonised vocals; aside from adding the magic to the general hypnotic cacophony, it emphasises the drum-beat just perfectly. Enjoy, download, and don’t be ashamed to love it.

Impaled Peach – Snug Rungs

Impaled Peach treats us today with a whole free album. Snug Rungs constitutes the minimal skeleton of folk music: finger-picking guitar, vocals, and harmonised backing vocals make most of its core. Impaled Peach adds occasional gloomy violin lines and distortions to already quite contemplative lyrics: “The sand that I’m treading is littered with bone / And not a creature around here could carry a stone / Well the weight that I carry is sharp as a tack /It’s the sun beating down on my back / Don’t need the sun beating down on my back”. The artist plays with dissonance in vocal patterns and sudden twists to hermetic 1 minute songs, just like unexpected snaps from who turns out to be a really talented poet – not that surprised, after listening to the album. Straight to the point, utterly honest and serendipitous.


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